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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm a Little Snowman

Here you have a lovely Christmas carol. I hope you like it!

If the video doesn't work, try this link: CLICK HERE

Monday, 24 November 2014

Jingle Bells

Here you have the Christmas carol we are singing on 19th December so that you can practise and learn it

If the video doesn't work: click here

Dashing through the snow 
In a one-horse open sleigh 
Over the fields we go 
Laughing all the way; 
Bells on bob-tail ring 
They make our spirits bright 
What fun it is to ride and sing 
A sleighing song tonight 

Jingle bells, jingle bells 
Jingle all the way! 
Oh what fun it is to ride 
In a one-horse open sleigh 

A day or two ago 
I thought I'd take a ride 
And soon Miss Fanny Bright 
Was seated by my side; 
The horse was lean and lank; 
Misfortune seemed his lot; 
He got into a drifted bank 
And we, we got upsot 


Now the ground is white 
Go it while you're young 
Take the girls tonight 
And sing this sleighing song; 
Just get a bob-tailed bay 
two-forty for his speed 
Then hitch him to an open sleigh 
And crack! you'll take the lead 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Happy Halloween!


We celebrate Halloween on 31st October.  It is thought to be a night when ghosts, witches and fairies are very active.

They are hollowed out pumpkins with a face cut in one side and a candle put inside.  Jack-o-lanterns are supposed to frighten away bad spirits, ghosts and witches.

Dressing up
On Halloween, when it was believed that bad spirits came back to the earthly world, people thought they would meet ghosts if they left their homes. To avoid being recognized by ghosts people would wear masks when they left homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits. That’s why Halloween costumes are traditionally monsters such as vampires, ghosts, witches and devils.

Trick or Treat
Children in costumes go from house to house in their neighbourhood, often in small groups, in order to ask for treats such as sweets, lollipops, chocolates or money. When someone answers the door, the children say: ’Trick or treat?’ The "trick" is a threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given. 

Here you have some links! Have fun!
Some vocabulary related to Halloween: click here  and here

A vocabulary game: click here 

A Halloween interactive activity: click here

 Interactive games:
 Haunted house! click here 
 Carve a pumpkin! Click here

A short story: click here

A Disney video: click here

A Halloween song with lyrics: Monster Mash click here 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Días, meses, estaciones

Aquí tienes juegos para aprender más:                                                   

Las estaciones y los meses

Días, meses y estaciones

Los paisajes

Aquí puedes encontrar cosas muy divertidas para aprender más sobre:

¿Qué es el paisaje?

Los paisajes de interior


Los paisajes de costa

Los paisajes de costa: pincha aquí

Los ríos

Nos orientamos

Aquí tienes una actividad más: Juega y aprende

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Vertebrates Game

Play this game and learn more about the characteristics of vertebrates

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pronunciation of the past simple: -ed

Writing the past simple of regular verbs in English is quite easy, but... 
do you know how to pronounce <-ed>?

There are some rules:

RULE 1. If the verb ends in the sounds / t / or / d /: <-ed> is pronounced ɪd /
               to visit : visited     ɪd /                                       to decide: decided    ɪd /

RULE 2. If the verb ends in the sounds / p, k, s, ʃ , f /: <-ed> is pronounced / t / 
                to stop: stopped  / t /                                       to watch: watched   / t /
                                                                                                    / t /

                to walk: walked  / t /                                        to finish: finished   / t /
                to kiss: kissed   / t /                                          to laugh: laughed   / t /

RULE 3.If the verb ends in a sound which is not in rule 1 o rule 2:  <-ed> is pronounced / d /
                to travel: travelled   / d /                                     to play: played     / d /

                to discover: discovered     / d /                           to live: lived     / d /

                to open: opened    / d /                                       to rob: robbed     / d /
Listen to a native speaker pronouncing <-ed>

Here you have a video with some common regular verbs in English in the past simple. pay attention to pronunciation:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Peter Pan

There once was a boy that never grew up. His name was
Peter Pan. He wore a green suit, had a dagger and he had a
beautiful hat, too! He liked getting into trouble, going on adventures in Neverland. There, he was with his friend Johnny, the captain of the Lost Boys, and with the small fairy Tinker Bell. But in Neverland, he had enemies, too. They were the pirates! Their leader, Captain Hook, was always fighting Peter Pan because he cut off his hand.

But this time, Captain Hook is looking for revenge and wants
to defeat Peter Pan for good. Will you help The Lost Boys?
Or will you help the pirates?

Hey! My name is Peter Pan! I love fighting and going on  adventures and all kinds of exciting things! I like the colour  green so much everything I wear is green! I have a small  sword because I want to move fast. Oh, and I can fly!  Can’t you? Haha! You can’t fly and I can!

Arrr! We are Pirates! My name is Captain Hook, and I’m a fearful
pirate. I like to destroy everything and rob everyone I can. I have
an eyepatch and a big hat, but I don’t have my right hand. I have
a hook instead because of that stupid Peter Pan! I always fight him and he always defeats me, and last time he cut off my hand! I’m going to get my revenge and destroy him!

We Are The Lost Boys! Ohh Prrt! My name is Johnny and I’m the leader of the Lost Boys! We live in Neverland, the place where dreams come from, and we always help Peter Pan when he goes on adventures. But some day, we’ll grow up and will have to leave Neverland forever. That makes me very sad, but I want to enjoy the time I have with Peter Pan as much as I can!

Welcome to Neverland! Match the words 

Wendy        Tinkerbell       The Lost Boys       Pirate      Teacher 

Now complete the following sentences with the same words:

1. “My name is Mr. Pan and I’m going to be your ________ today.

2. ______ lives on the eight floor of the building. Maybe it’ll be useful to fly!

3. In Neverland, everyone is fearful of the ________.

4. When you meet ________, you will always have a lot of fun. They are very cheerful!

The battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook has started? Who’s going to win? Match the adjectives that belong to each one of them. 
Brave     Adventurous     Fearful     Childish     Coward     Innocent      Arrogant     Smart     Reckless

PETER PAN is ...                       


Answer the following questions: 

What’s Peter Pan favourite color?
Why does he have a small sword instead of a big one? What does Peter Pan like the most?
Why Captain Hook doesn’t have one of his hands? What does Captain Hook want from Peter Pan?
Where do the Lost Boys live?
What happens to the Lost Boys when they grow up? 

Split in couples and pretend to be Peter Pan, Captain Hook or The Lost Boys, then, do your special greeting and say to each other:
1. Do you like me? Why?
2. What weapon do you fight with? 3. Do you care about Neverland? Why?